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And find out what's more...

AlertTAPE is a shareware program : you can use it for FREE as long

as you please and you can SHARE it for free with everybody you know.

However, if you register the program you will get the

following benefits :

  • Registered version allows unlimited stocks
  • Set an unlimited number of alerts
  • Access all stock links from Excel
  • Get access to a large collection of CSV-files to import
  • Get access to a lot more Skins (Charts, ...)
  • You can send alert messages by e-mail
  • (NEW!) Send SMS and Chat message using Skype
  • You can display multiple AlertTapes
  • You can create sets with Symbols
  • You get more intraday price history
  • You support the development of AlertTAPE
  • You receive free software upgrades
  • You get rid of some (anoying?) messages or images

If you would like the FULL version of AlertTAPE (see benefits above) you have to order the program first. To order AlertTAPE we will charge you 19.95$. This is a one-time only fee, so there are no other costs or monthly fees at all.

When you place the order we assume that you have allready installed AlertTAPE and checked if it fits your needs. 

You can pay for AlertTAPE using this button :

(Our orders are processed by Share-it.) When we have received your payment we will send you an e-mail with instructions and your personal registration code.

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