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Stock quotes are continuously updated, for FREE.

Alerts can be set on upper or lower price breakouts,

and also when new headlines are received. Alerts are

sent via e-mail or are signaled to the user by blinking

the stock price on the screen. A really unique skin

library lets you customize the way the stocks are

displayed on the screen. 

Some of the other features :

  • (New !) SMS and Skype messages
  • Scrolling company logos (view...)
  • Intraday price history (view...)
  • Set price alerts or news alerts (view...)
  • News overview on all stocks (view...)
  • Integrated up-to-date prices screen (view...)
  • Amazing graphics using predefined skins (view...)
  • Scrolling intraday chart thumbnails (view...)
  • Live link to all your Excel sheets (view...)
  • Automatic stock lookup screen (view...)
  • Multiple independent AlertTAPES (view...)
  • Mouse wheel support for manual scrolling
  • Importing stocks from CSV-files
  • 100% Shareware without adds or spyware
  • Overview of ALL features

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It is easy to install and you can display up to

20 stocks without ever registering !

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